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1、Barapukuria coal mine is the first large-scale modern coal mines in Bangladesh, but also the first coal mine project which Xuzhou Coal Mining Group Corporation cooperate with overseas venture team, receiving highly attention in Bangladesh, the local media and newspapers often carry out a lot of propaganda of Barapukuria coal mine. Therefore, to improve the safety plays a vital role in Xuzhou Coal Mining brand and maintaining the national image of China. In order to ensure the mine safety production, improve the degree of automation, the procurement of automation equipment for coal mine is very important. At the beginning of project cooperation in 2005, technical team after a rigorous comparison of technical parameters and technical performance, in the automated working face system using two sets of communication, control, protection of the integration of the working surface from Tianjin Huaning Electronics Co. Ltd, using the centralized and distributed kinds of start and stop controller, voice and data communication, the emergency stop lockout of equipment on the three machine ( crusher, transport, front conveyer ) of working face.

After several years of use, Tianjin Huaning’s KTC101 communication, control, protection integrated system brings efficiency for the automation of coal mine safety production, reliable quality won the all mine staff trust. In 2012 June the mine purchased two sets of KTC101 communication, control,protection integrated system of working face from Tianjin Huaning. In view of trust in Tianjin Huaning products and services to the coal mine, the mine then continue to study the combined switch of Tianjin Huaning Electronics Company. Through the comparison of technical parameters, technical performance, the mine in 2012 June purchased 6 sets Tianjin Huaning 1140V combination switch and 4 of them were used for automatic working face. The procurement of communication, control, protection integration system and combined switches has been installed and trial runs and has been put into use at the end of 2012.

2、Canada British Columbia MO River Coal Mine

Mo River coalfield is located in the northeast of the province of BC, the southwest of Tumbler Ridge, design scale is 6000000 tons / year, plans the first put into operation mining face in 2015 June. The construction stage of well main use international advanced, reliable products of coal mining, machinery, transportation, ventilation equipment, mechanization degree is 100%.

After repeated investigation and verification, in 2012 July Canada purchased 3 sets belt communication, control and protection integration system(KTC101) from Tianjin Huaning which used for automatic control of tape machine, the system will complete the installation and trial runs in 2013 April.

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