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Tianjin Huaning Electronics Limited liability Company’s production of the KTC series communication, control system and QJZ1, QJZ2, KJZ series of combination switch product are high-tech products which were design and product independently by our company according to the mine actual usage, absorb the advantages of domestic and foreign similar products. At present the main is 2 ~ 12 loop 3300V, 1140V combination switch, KTC101 (formerly TK200) and KTC102 (formerly TK100) communication, control system. Since the products on the market in 1996, were used in Shandong, Shanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, northeast China, Hebei, Anhui, Henan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Xinjiang and other places more than 80 mining groups more than 600 mines has been widely used and has achieved acclaim.

     Our company has completed centralized control of main belt conveyer machine at Luan Mining Bureau Wang Zhuang coal mine in 2002, realizes unattended underground transportation system, centralized control on the ground, the use of 2 sets of QJZ2-2400/3300-9 horizontal combination switch and a set of KTC101 communication control device for completion automation centralized control of single working face for Yanzhou Coal Mine Group in Dongtan coal mine with an annual output of 600 tons in 2007, won the 2011 first class prize of science and technology progress award from coal production safety administration. In 2012 our company cooperate with the United States mainland companies completed the single 12 kilometers belt machine integration system of communication, control and protection project(the tape machine is the longest one in domestic) in Zhongmei Wangjialing coal mine, obtain the consistent high praise from the group and mine leaders.

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