The introduction of International Coal exhibition

Exhibition time: from October 22,2013 to October 25, 2013

Exhibition position: 3A02, 3A03,3A04,3A05,3A06

Exhibiton products: comprehensive excavation electrical control intrgration system, working face belt communication control and protection  integraton system, combined switch.

Contact number : working days: 022-23806107   022-23806104   holidays:  18622335692

Welcome customers at domestic and abroad to visit, we will have the most professional team to provide service for you.

" China International Coal and Mining Expo " ( China Coal & Mining Expo ) is approved by the Ministry of science and technology, hosted by the China Coal Industry Association, Chellona National Coal Group Corp, China coal industry, International Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. and Hongkong Huixian Exhibition Co. Ltd. jointly hosted  large international coal mining equipment exhibition.

"China International Mining Exhibition " held once every two years, has been successfully held 14 sessions. Has became China and Asia's largest coal equipment exhibition, " China International Mining Exhibition " is also one of the world's largest international mining equipment exhibition, has been for many domestic and foreign manufacturers looked as " the United States and International Mining Expo ", " the Australian international mining equipment exhibition ", " the German mines age International Mining Exhibition ", " South African mining and power International Exhibition " has the same influence on the exhibition. At the China International Coal Mining Equipment Exhibition, there will be more than 400 enterprises from 21 countries and regions attended the exhibition and exchange the experience, display the new technology and new equipment related to coal mining and coal mining industry, and attracted more than 40000 management personnel and professional and technical personnel to come to visit and discuss.

" The Fifteenth China International Coal and Mining Expo 2013 " will be held in 2013 October 22-25 held in the  National Agricultural Exhibition hall immediate Beijing East sanhuan.

Tianjin Huaning Electronic Co. Ltd. participated in the annual "China International Mining Exhibition" since its establishment, have received high praise from domestic and foreign customers in the exhibition. In 2013 our exhibition position are 3A02, 3A03, 3A04, 3A05, 3A06, welcome customers at domestic and abroad to visit, we will have the most professional team to provide service for you.

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