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The introduction of production advantages of Tianjin Huaning Electronics Co.,Ltd.

KTC101 communication, control, protection of integration products are mainly used in: centralized control of conveyer belt in coal mine underground and ground and communication, control, protection along the line; the centralized and distributed kinds of control, communication, monitoring and protection of main transportation system on underground coal mine, centralized control of communication device and the integrated exploitation working face, the communication, control and protection of integrated exploitation along the working face.

The technical features and advantages:

1、Leading technology

The main control using ARM9 kernel of PC104 embedded computer, Windows-CE operating system, sharp wide temperature industrial grade LCD screen, median and lower machine’s core part adopts microship16 microcontroller, the componentsl and operating system are both the industry 's top brands. Because the control system have advanced and perfect control logic and function, so the KTC101 system has always been a leader role in whole industry.

The power supply adopts advanced voltage regulation technology and switching power supply technology, regardless of load changes, can guarantee the power supply output end provides a stable output voltage.

System have RS485 interface and RJ45 interface can facilitate access to mine automation system through the Modbus-RTU protocol.

System uses the advanced CAN bus communication structure, CAN bus belonging to the site bus, it is a kind of serial communication network that supports the distributed control and real-time control. The two-wire serial communication mode, error detection capability is strong, has the advantage of real-time, far transmission distance, strong electromagnetic interference resistance etc..

2、Easy to operate, easy to maintain

The operation button adopts intrinsically safe touch keyboard operation, the operator can complete the device control , fault check, parameter setting through keyboard, the use is simple and quick.

Control system information display with 10.4 inch LCD screen, the picture and its accompanying essay are both excellent, friendly man-machine interface, consistent with the topological structure, prompt information and fault information is rich, easy to query.

System parameter setting is convenient on the spot, without programming upload.

Control unit adopts modular design, fast connection, installation, quick replacement. The high efficiency of fault treatment.

3、The long distance control

The control system without relay control distance is 4 km, double rail control distance is 8 kilometers, is the longest control system of the world similar product along the control line.

4、A high degree of integration

Make data communication, voice communication, centralized and distributed kinds of control, various protection as a whole.

Make pull the emergency stop and emergency stop locking as a whole.

5、Peripheral connected are reliable and convenient

Can effectively connected with CHP33\/TD33\/becker and other imported and domestic magnetic starter, can effectively control the CST\/BOSS\/VOITH import and domestic hydraulic coupler machine or soft start; can effectively control the DBT hydraulic tension, domestic tension, Haoxinke pump station, brake motor, oil pump motor, cooling fan, over-temperature sprinkling, can balance the multi-motor power.

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