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The company strategic development goals In 2013

2013 will be a expecting year, our communication control product line’s new generation of TK300 products will be born. New concept and design way bring the new experience to old and new customers. At the same time, in order to meet customer demand for small function, we will product independent multifunctional over-temperature sprinklers this year. Combined switch product line of high-end and low-end two series will continue as the main push products lead the market, but also part of the combined number will promote 10000 KVA high capacity lighting integrated product power supply. Belt control center as the switch product line features of products, in 2013 will continue to improve to the humanization, intelligent direction. At the same time 14 CST combined switch will switch the production. About the new products, 52 Inch explosion-proof TV and 1140 500KW single frequency will be put into the market on the second half of the year, electric control system of hydraulic support will doing β test a on-site at the end of this year, our product line will be continue to follow the spirit of " science and technology innovation, service of coal mine " to develop diversified.

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