Service Concept

We adhere to service for the customer as the ultimate goal, for coal mine user safety and high yield is customer's hope, our service philosophy formatted in the long term of service accumulation and precipitation process which based on market and customer needs.

Service Principles

?Adhere to the training never charge

?Adhere to regularly visit, investigation of accidents, enhance site equipment repair, to provide thoughtful and meticulous training, to ensure continuous and stable operation of customer system.

Service Expectation

We hope we can provide the most complete, the most timely, the most flexible technical support service among the other industries. We use this as the target to remind ourselves and to improve constantly.

Service Commitment

We put the "market-oriented, customer-centric " as the company's purpose and the principle work flow design.

Pre-sale of the products: provide you with products technical advisory at any time.

Among the sales: to ensure answers to your problems timely, to provide all aspects of technical support.

After the sales: technical and service personnel ensure to the scene timely to provide technical guidance and training of personnel about ground trial runs, underground installation and trial runs.

The company has perfect pre-service and in-service training, and provide the scene simulation training and practice and strict assessment, if product has the problem in the use process, we ensure to arrive at the user site to solve the problem for user timely.

We always keep in touch with every user to strengthen communication, improve the return system, accept your various opinions and suggestions.

Ensure the accessories timely supply, allow you to use equipment worry-free.

Service Support

1, Strong technical force

?From the structure design to the manufacture of parts and components; from the advanced computer language programming to the MCU (microcontroller unit) assembly language programming; from the circuit design to final product production, debugging, every step was completed independent by the company’s professional and technical personnel, so that any requirements of user will be rapidly implemented.

? In the product design process, company continuous communication with the site personnel, so that can make products closer to the user and maximum to meet the requirements of the site use. Different from other enterprises which only selected PLC as a lot of hardware and only make the ladder diagram programming software, we are from a single plate to start. This is not to say that our research and development strength more excellent than PLC manufacturers, we just pay more attention to product specificity, intrinsically safe property and waterproof and dustproof function.

?Because we always insist on making our products closer to the user, so that our products will continue to improve, to make our products more reliable, then won the user's trust ultimately.

2, Improve the quality of management

?Company introduced ISO9001 quality management system, from raw material inspection to half-finished production product and trial runs, until the final production out of the factory, the whole process are under monitoring. Perfect management system ensured product quality.

?Quality policy: innovation, high quality and satisfaction

3, Excellent service team

Snowstorm hit, travel over land and water, our service engineers with their own hardships and sweat to guarantee the normal operation of equipment. From the ground trial runs to the installation commissioning in the pit, from the fault processing to product training, they always abandon the holiday with their family reunion, exaggeratively to say they have no idea of the weekend, 365 days a year, they and our miners brothers fight side by side. Through hard work, they won the honors for the company, also welcomed by users.


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