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Core Values:

1、 Insist on and stick to:

Insist on is that the enterprise spirit we uphold, adhere to innovation, passion, enthusiasm and unite as the company was originally founded, keep yield good products with good intentions, adhere to provide the best quality service for the customers, adhere to create greater value for the staff.

Adhere to is our responsibility, adhere to establish trust between the customers, adhere to establish deep feelings between staff; stick to which means you can share your happiness with others, you can share your trouble when you are in the trouble, believe, support and never abandon.

2、 Sincerely and integrity:

Sincerely treat customers, employees, family, only to pay sincere then sincere can come back.

In the course of bigger and stronger, Huaning operating with integrity to win the market, to win the trust of customers, to win the loyalty of staff, integrity is Huaning people’s acting standards regardless of time and place.

3、 Character and quality:

Work hard and perseverance, loyalty and sincerity is Huaning’s character, and therefore has been respect by the social, customers and employees.

Stand firmly and fight steadily kinds of Huaning always believe that the company quality, staff quality and product quality are the enterprise survival way, is the enterprise foundation of keep going, with the excellent quality we can promote Huaning’s brand influence.

4、 Knowledge and serious:

In the each stage of development Huaning always surveying their own, self-examination constantly, strive to all-round understanding of their own, to get to know ourselves clearly we can correct the inadequacy, correct the shortcomings, keeping steady and healthy development.

Doing everything seriously, taking seriously each and every customer, watching every employee carefully.

5、 Assume and promise:

Willing to assume is the responsibility of Huaning’s principle, undertaking all the responsibility of social, customers and employees, not looking for any excuse, not to shirk.

Abide by the commitment, not abandon, does not give up, uphold the guideline of commitment is greater than all the benefits.

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