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The history of Tianjin Huaning Electronics  Co., Ltd can trace back to 1994, and the year 2002 marked a turning point for  our strategic program. As a hi-tech Chinese enterprise, the company never  ceases to innovate  and seek prominence, having created one miracle after another. After years of  relentless  effort, we have already excelled our peers and become an industrial leader with core competence.

Fore more than a decade, Tianjin Huaning  Electronics has been dedicating its love and energy to the city, having been  listed among the “Famous brands of Tianjin”, “Leading enterprises of Tianjin”, “Great  contributors”, “Top 10 industrial pacesetters” and “Excellent patent holders”. Integrating R&D,  manufacturing, marketing and after service together, the company is settled in  Xiqing Economy & Technology Development Zone, where it covers a land area  of 26700㎡  with floor area of 20000㎡ and a  workforce of 500.  It also has presence in many provinces across the country.

The company has  a leading core expertise system with respect to product manufacturing and R&D. Oriented  at industrial and mining electrical businesses, our proprietary products total more than 30  varieties under 5 categories. So far, our products are serving some 350 mines  of more than 70 mining corporations and have been sold to Canada, Russia and  Bangladesh. They have supported many key national coal research projects and  are highly recognized by our customers.

Company has strong technical force, excellent parts selection, advanced detection equipment to ensure high quality production supply chain and high efficiency.

From the structure design to the manufacture of parts and components; from the advanced computer language programming to the MCU (microcontroller unit) assembly language programming; from the circuit design to final product production, trial runs, every step was completed independent by the company’s professional and technical personnel, so that any requirements of user will be rapidly implemented.

In the product design process, company continuous communication with the site personnel, so that can make products closer to the user and maximum to meet the requirements of the site use.

The company has  injected a lot of money and time in talent construction and backup, having built a  log-on-and-learn network college and an ongoing Huaning Enterprise College. We  keep to our belief that a well-structured talent cultivation system is the  guarantee for the quick and healthy growth of a company.

The company  spares no effort in its corporate strategy, human resources, financial  planning, marketing network and brand building, having forged a backbone force  and achieved a leapfrog growth.

Huaning  shoulders the responsibility from the society, our customers and employees, and  are making our own contribution to the quick and sound development of the  national economy.


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